Quick question abour Ranked being removed

(PW3CKA) #1

Cannot find anything… Was playing a lot in the past, came back last ranked seasson, was having fun. Seasson ended, no new seasson started, took off. Came back and see that ranked is removed.

Can someone tell mewhy they did it? I know I can pug, but just occasionally logging in and hitting the queue button was better for me :wink:

(Kirays) #2

Ranked (and also CMM) were removed because the current playerbase doesn’t support being split across three modes. They could make a return if the numbers reach a level the devs think are sufficient, but for the time being they will remain gone.

(bgyoshi) #3

There’s no indication that the removal is permanent though. It’s highly likely that it’ll come back around the 1.0 release

(Mustang) #4

I’ve heard (second hand) that it was mentioned during a stream that they’d bring it back if the playerbase increased enough to support it.

So I wouldn’t bet that 1.0 means it comes back automatically, probably community will have to ask again at that time, presuming that the numbers are up enough.

(bgyoshi) #5

The devs seem pretty certain that the playerbase is going to jump considerably on the 1.0 release, so I wouldn’t call it farfetched in the slightest

(Mc1412013) #6

Yeah it will improve for db 1.0 but i cant see it staying high for long it will probably go back to curent player base soon after enless they have a few tricks up there sleve they wont say

(Mc1412013) #7

Yeah if execution finaly returns that has a chance to come back too. Dont care much for auto join but i did like the pre match display of loadouts and the end of game stats screen.