Quick K-120 Fix:

(Wintergreen) #1

Give it a larger magazine. I know it’s been discussed before and a lot of people have been requesting various buffs regarding the spread and viewpunch while aiming down sights, but personally I think a larger magazine would be enough of a change to call it good for a while. I do well with the gun and it’s fun to use. The Heckler and Koch it’s modeled after is compatible with drum magazines. That and, ya know, if you want it to stay belt-fed just increase the freakin’ rounds. I think anything around 100 would be ideal. It needs more rounds per magazine because that’s the nature of the weapon and the reload is too long for an underwhelming 55. Having more than one spare magazine would be nice as well. In its current state, there are few reasons to choose this weapon over the M4 and BR. That is all. Toodles!

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

I wish the ammo box was painted too. It just looks horrible, having a nice shiny skin and then this ugly dried poop color ammo box.

(hoyes) #3

I’d rather it have drilled level reload time than a bigger mag tbh. I feel like fragger doesn’t need the bigger mag, he just needs good dps to clean up 1 or 2 people, and a nice reload speed buff would allow him to be much more aggressive and be able to go back into the fight quicker, rather than for longer with a larger mag, which is unnecessary with how high the dps has. Agree on the spare mag though, same should happen for mk46.