(dark-tim) #1

i am thinking of making a mod, but i only want to change the models and stuff
how do i do that??

(Mr_Tickles) #2

I’m not a modder, but, I think… all you need to do is make a new .pk3 file with your new models in place of the old ones (the same directory paths) and if you call the pk3 when loading the game it should override the old models for you.

(dark-tim) #3

where to put newweapon.weap in my mod??

(-xXx-Suicide) #4

/weapons/anyweapon.weap Should be able to do it in your own pk3 file, but I’m having trouble with .weap files and this. Everything else I did, sound and models, works fine, but the .weap files don’t seem to want to be outside of pak0.pk3

(dark-tim) #5

so it don’t work…??

how do i have to “mod” the thompson?

(bacon) #6

NEVER EVER alter pak0.pk3 or pak1.pk3.
It works fine if you put them in a pk3 file in your mod directory (or even etmain), but the paths in the pk3 must be correct.

(-xXx-Suicide) #7

That’s what I was trying to get at, not modifying the ET pk3 files. I was tired and unnclear.

I even got desparate and tried altering the .weap file in the pak0.pk3, and still can’t get it to pick up the model :stuck_out_tongue: (I have the advantage of two networked PCs so the 200+MB pk3 file transfers back to stock in seconds.)

But yes, for all intensive purposes, Never touch that!

Now, can anyone explain why I can’t (with the same paths,) get my .weap file to make a pickupmodel work?

(nUllSkillZ) #8

If you have a mod “.pk3” in the etmain directory make sure that the first letter is “behind” p.
For example q_mymod.pk3.
Because the “.pk3”-files will be read alphabetically.

Or try to make a directory (for example “mymod”) at the same height as etmain (as subdirectory under the ET.exe).
And start you mod with “x:\path to ET.exe +set fs_game mymod”.

(dark-tim) #9

now i have another problem,
i can’t get a texture on my model :frowning: how can i do this.
in the .weap file or something?