(Nail) #1

many rumours of Bethesda redoing “Quake”
they’ll put it out under id Software (don’t think anyone is left there that worked on Quake) so when they bork it id will get the poo

(matsy) #2

I was really pleased with Doom, better than Doom 3, so maybe they won’t mess it up?

(DarkangelUK) #3

Sponge seemed to think it was bull**** as just about all of their job listings use the same template.

(egonfirst) #4

Doom its my favorite game

(hazza10) #5

Quake could probably do with a next gen update

(edxot) #6

necro noob, go back to spamming others threads

(zawer22) #7

Quake was a really good game. I think they never make it again…

(shibbyuk) #8

If you liked Quake 3 (which I certainly did) then this does not look disappointing…


(stealth6) #9

Just need a map editor and I’m sold.

(DarkangelUK) #10

I doubt it, I’m guessing more Overwatch style of game i.e. cosmetics and no created content from the community mod/map wise. I also suspect none of the usual stuff like bright skins, force enemy model, Mario64 graphics.

(light_sh4v0r) #11

It does have all the movement I like…
I’m interested

(DarkangelUK) #12

Small tidbit of info from Discord… Rangers Dire Orb (teleport orb) and Nyx’s Ghost Walk and ‘telefrag’ players. The Dire Orb is Rangers teleporting orb, he throws it and it travels for several second and he can teleport to its location. If it hits a wall it just sits there till it disappears, if you throw it and teleport as its traveling through another player it will splatter them. Nyx ghost walk is kind similar where she’ll phase shift and can walk through things, if you re-appear inside someone it’ll kill them.

(Mafenris) #13

I’d lie to play it. I have too instal this game on my computer.

(Nail) #14

I’m sure you would, just like you lied to join you nasty spammer

(tokamak) #15

Really liking the beta so far. The difference between the Quake beta and the Unreal Tournament beta is night and day, which, as a long time Unreal fan, really hurts.

(MariooX) #16

In my opinion Quake is one of the best game in history

(CodeTiburon) #17

I think so. The best forever.