Q3map2GUI update

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I know, I was absent for years, but anyway I’m back to the mapping community (JKII/JKA)

I plan to create updated version of my Q3map2GUI.

Supported games in this version are:
- Quake III Arena
- Startrek Elite Force
- Return to Castle Wolfenstein
- Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory
- Soldiers of Fortune2
- Jedi Knight2
- Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

Known bugs so far in the last version 1.1 build 1029 :

  • lowmem (should be “lomem”) spelling bug, makes the switch not working
  • error and warnings counters do not restet with new compile prozess
  • “map leaked” is not recorded as error

If you know any other bugs or have feature requests, please post them here or send it to my email : dartharth{AT}gmx.net.


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Pretty sure a link would help. Not sure though. :confused:

(Darth Arth) #3

Download link from our site:

Old mirror from jk3files.com:

Our new support forum:

Darth Norman’s setup tutorial:

Greetings, Arth

(Darth Arth) #4

Q3map2GUI Version 1.2 build 2032

Download it here: > link <
New Q3map2GUI homepage: http://3d-get.de/q3map2gui/

What’s New in Version 1.2 Build 2032:

Bug fixes:

  • “lomem” -bug fixed,
  • “MAP LEAKED” is recorded as error now
  • error & warnings counter fixed

New features:

  • new game-option switches added
  • game can be started with custom screen resolution now (widescreen, 16:10, 16:9, etc). Set “r_mode” to “-1” if using!
  • small tweaks at frontend
  • new icon and logo
  • VERY BIG “build BSP” - button for all the older mappers :wink:
  • html tutorial included

More details see README.txt and included tutorial.

Arth aka MetalBeast

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thanks, will include in our new download section

(Verticae) #6

I get all nostalgic when I see JA maps being compiled. :smiley:


Is this the newest one still?

(Vrael) #8

hey,how do you uninstall jk2radiant? with gtkradiant i just removed it from the controll panel,but this windows 7 cant do a thing!