q3map2 lightmap artifacts. How to fix it?

(motorsep) #1

I am having the following artifacts on my misc_model ASE terrain:

It only happens in some remote corners of the terrain. How do I get a rid of such horrible issues?

(obsidian) #2

Are you sure it’s not a smoothing group issue? Check your model to be sure.

Do you have more than 1024 polygons on a single ASE model? I’m pretty sure that ASE models with over 1024 triangles will not display smoothing groups properly.

Are you sure it’s even lightmapped? It looks like it is vertex lit to me.

(motorsep) #3

65k x 65k terrain, ~60k polygons, one solid mesh combined of 12 surfaces (12 shaders). It is lightmapped with 4096x4096 external lightmap.

I had smaller terrains having similar issue (smaller area, made of separate meshes, smaller lightmapsize, etc.)