q3map2 hangs during phase bounce 8 with a spiral stairs

(sd2009) #1


I created a map that was getting compiled very fast until I added a spiral-shaped stairs to it.
Yesterday, I added the spiral stairs and I left q3map2 run for 12 hours!!! with no chance
to go one single step further… q3map2 x65 hangs in the first bounce 1 phase. If I take
bounce 8 from the command line, q3map2 compiles the map with the spiral stairs within 1 minute
and the lighting is acceptable except inside the spiral stairs. It is a bit distorted.

The spiral stairs is high. It has seven floors. If I change the shape of the stairs into
a scissors stairs, the map compiles very fast. It does not take more than 7 minutes
with bounce 8.

Does anybody know the reason? Is there a solution or workaround other than a scissors

Thank you.

The solution was very simple. I used larger brushes and the compiler ran like a lightning.

(twt_thunder) #2

Select all brushes of the stair and right click and choose “make detail”

(ronboy) #3

I think your reply is a little late. He already solved the problem, as you can see on his post above. :wink:
Your advice is helpful though. Always make brushes that don’t seal the map from the void “detail”.