Q3Map2 BSP loading + brush faces (was q3map2 face problem)

(sth) #1

I’m currently writing a small 3d-engine with q3 .bsp-file support.

Maps compiled with the original q3map (eg. all q3-maps) work as they should (screenshot, screenshot)
The problem is, that maps compiled with q3map2 look pretty messed up: Screenshot

I’m rendering normal faces as GL_TRIANGLE_FANs.

(RasputiN) #2

I was under the impression that strips usually yield better performance… do you compile with or without -meta?

(ydnar) #3

MST_PLANAR and MST_TRIANGLE_SOUP drawsurfaces are indexed triangles. There is a vertex list and an index list. The indexes are discrete triangles, 3 4-byte integers per triangle that reference into the vertex list.

Brush faces, lightmapped surfaces, patchmeta surfaces, terrain all map to MST_PLANAR internally because Quake 3 only supports lightmaps on MST_PLANAR type surfaces. They have a limit of 64 verts internally, but that can be overridden with the -mv N (max vertexes) and -mi (max indexes (triangles x3)) arguments.

The only functional difference between MST_PLANAR and MST_TRIANGLE_SOUP in a BSP compiled with Q3Map2 are the lightmaps/vertex count.

lightmapVecs[ 2 ] will be a non-zero-length normal vector if the entire surface lies in a plane, so you can do dotproduct backface culling of an entire surface.


(Rimio) #4

ydnar, I understood nothing from what you said :). What exactly are the changes? Different format for faces? How are they rendered now?
It would be really nice to write a small in-depth article that explains this, since I bet there are many of us that have the same problem.
Anything I could find on the net on the BSP46 format is what I implemented in my loader and it doesn’t work!

Best regards,

PS: Congrats for a very, very good tool.

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