Q3Map2 2.5.16

(kamikazee) #21

That seperate download is lost… You can get it with the newest GTKRadiant install or try to compile it yourself from the source at http://zerowing.idsoftware.com.

(Superdreadnought) #22

as im using ubuntu i can only get the 2.5.10 (including in 1.4.0 radiant) version of q3map2, cauz it doesn’t support rpm packages and this version doesnt work properly …

(Superdreadnought) #23

good news for all debian derivates users: i’ve been able to convert the rpm package of the current gtkradiant-dev to a deb package using alien … if ne1 needs it i can load it up on my ftp …

gtkradiant is opensource, or am i wrong?

(nUllSkillZ) #24

I’ve also managed to convert the gtk-radiant RPM.
But after the installation with a doubleclick on the DEB file I can’t find the installation.
(Ubuntu-distribution V 6.06, GDebi Paket Installer has been used for installation.)


Finally (has to be renamed to tar.gz):

Thanks to CooperHawkes who has posted the link in the level-designer.de forum.


I’ve found the path.




There’s an option to see the files that are included with GDebi Paket Installer.

(TNR360) #25

anyone have the windows version?

(kamikazee) #26

This is bundled with GTKRadiant 1.5. The PC I’m using isn’t my regular modding PC, so I don’t know if I have it around here.

(TNR360) #27

I just replace the exe?

(obsidian) #28

Just install GtkRadiant 1.5. Q3Map2 is automatically installed for you and it is the latest version.

(TNR360) #29

I have it installed, it’s unusable on my pc, I just use it for the mapcoords plugin

(obsidian) #30

Well, if you must download it:


Install in a new directory, don’t replace the defaults.

(feimotion336) #31

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(Harper43) #33

Yeah, Install in a new directory, don’t replace the defaults. Agreed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nigel4) #34

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(marvelaugusts) #35

Q3Map 2.5.16 Released
Tuesday, 26 October, 2004 at 6:02 PST | Pappy-R | Print News
Ydnar has announced the release of Q3Map 2.5.16. Just three bullets for this latest update, here’s a quick look at what’s new:

* New: -fixaas mode to reassociate an AAS file with a changed BSP
* New: -nostyles switch on light phase disabling lightstyles
* Using libmhash cryptographic hashing library instead of md5lib

(marrydavidson101) #36

The use of models is normally because certain objects are too complex to create using brushwork or patch meshes, they do however serve additional purposes;


  Allow 'smooth grouping' on world objects - this effects the way lighting 'behaves' on surfaces, by default brushwork doesn't have smooth groups.

  Reduced polycount compared to patch meshes - Patch meshes in the Q3 engine have a fixed row/column relationship which means the more complex the curve the more polygons are needed to describe that curve (thankfully Doom 3 engine editing allows the manipulation of the row/column relationship).

(fastek) #37

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