Puzzlemap - an interactive puzzle map with Lua scripting

(X0rnn) #1

I made an interactive puzzle map where to proceed to a next room (most of the time), you solve the puzzle and type out the answer. More information is given to you once you start playing. The map requires a custom Lua script (not included here yet) to finish (so it needs etpro, won’t work on etjump). Originally I made this map for Quake Live in 2016, but decided to port it to ET now (minus two rooms). Decompiling the map will not give you the answers to finish the map. Mind you I’m not a mapper, in fact this is the first (and only) map I have ever made, so don’t expect too much (or anything really) in terms of beauty. It’s more of a concept of what is possible with combining Lua scripting and mapping; maybe someone more skilled in mapping can/will make something more complex/beautiful/interesting in the future.

Some photos:


You can come try it out at:

(X0rnn) #2

https://github.com/x0rnn/etpro/blob/master/lua/puzzle.lua the lua script required to play the map. Looking at it will give you the room answers.

(KeMoN) #3

What a cool idea!
Well done.