Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners!

(MissMurder) #1



Tied for 3rd!



Honorable Mentions:

Thank you all for participating! Such talent among this community!

(DolanAndGoobyTryHard) #2

That redeye is totally awesome.

(TwitchyPixie) #3

I am so Happy right now! <3

(Torch189) #4

Thank you. <3 Also gz to all! We had some good pumpkins. :slight_smile:

(spiralTackle) #5

<3 :stuck_out_tongue: thank you all !!!

(Faraleth) #6

Grats to all the winners! Definitely well deserved :slight_smile:

@spiralTackle Your Red-Eye blew my mind when I saw it! Seriously, that’s one damn impressive pumpkin xD

(virtoc) #7

Some people have wicked sculpting skills out there! :open_mouth:

(Vinchadia) #8

The 1st one really knocked it out of the park! :grin: (but imo, @Torch deserved the 2nd place; but who am I to judge) Anyways, gz to all of the winners :wink:

(rareAnniversary) #9

Congrats! Amazing skills :slight_smile:

(spiralTackle) #10

@Faraleth Thank you! I had the idea to do something like the work of @Torch . :smiley:

(Boorseye) #11

Those are legitimately awesome

(Torch189) #12

[center]@spiralTackle, @TwitchyPixie, @The_Enema_Bandit
:open_mouth: :love: We Ruddy Won!!! :smile: :D[/center]