Pumpkin Carving Contest! 10/6 -11/1

(MissMurder) #1

It’s fall and you know what that means- Pumpkins! Dirty Bomb pumpkins!!! We have some pretty awesome Logitech stuff to give away in exchange for your awesome carving skills.

Base Rules:

  • Must be Dirty Bomb themed.
  • It CAN be a fake (plastic/foam, etc) pumpkin or other gourd.
  • Must be your own work.
  • You must submit your entry here on this thread.
  • Be creative!

First Place Prize:
1 Logitech G35 surround sound headset
1 Logitech G710 plus mechanical gaming keyboard
1 Merc code
1 Dirty Bomb T-Shirt

Second place Prize:
1 Logitech G710 plus mechanical gaming keyboard
1 Merc code
1 Dirty Bomb T-Shirt

Third Place Prize:
1 Merc code
1 Dirty Bomb T-Shirt

Read the full rules here.

Here are some examples! I made these bad boys last year:

@Mustang did this one!


(RyePanda) #2

Well, there goes my idea. Looks like I’ll have to be creative.

(Torch189) #3

@MissMurder You people just keep getting more awesome and awesome!

(spiralTackle) #4

hello, I live in Brazil, I can participate in this contest?

(_Sniff_) #5

Ha! I have ideas!

@MissMurder Can I include Dirty Bomb characters and items? The rules say no copyrighted material.

(Faraleth) #6

@Sniff Yep! XD The rules apply to copyright material NOT owned by Nexon/Splash Damage. :slight_smile:

(MissMurder) #7

@spiralTackle Yes you may enter :slight_smile: and @Sniff what Faraleth said!

(wolfleader101) #8

Does there need to be a thing in the background like a gun or something and will it get you a better mark

(RyePanda) #9

@MissMurder can there only be one pumpkin?

(Frogteam) #10

@MissMurder Does the pumpkin have to be Orange?

(MissMurder) #11

@Frogteam Nope! @RyePanda you can use multiple pumpkins if you like. Just one photo though so make sure they all fit. @Wolfleader Nope! Purely based on the pumpkin. I added those things to mine just for funsies.

(chicHouse) #12


(Torch189) #13

proxy is sad… she cant celebrate :smiley:
click for full res[/quote]

U r very talented, have to say.

(ctrlaltndel) #14

i want participate but when i am ready with it where should i send it ? :slight_smile:

(Faraleth) #15

@ctrlaltndel Just submit the image to this thread right here! :smiley: You can upload it to http://imgur.com/ and link it - that is the most efficient way. ^.^

(YetiConfetti) #16

How long do we have to do this?

(ctrlaltndel) #17

in the rules it says till 29 oct

(YetiConfetti) #18

in the rules it says till 29 oct[/quote]

Thanks bro

(RyePanda) #19


(The_Enema_Bandit) #20

@The_Enema_Bandit [/quote]

Because it’s so small I felt it needed more angles. It’s a sticky bomb from all sides.
If it was a big pumpkin with a carving in the front only, I wouldn’t feel the need of more than one shot.
I hope this is not a big deal, but I can certainly edit the post if it is.