PS3 D.E.A.D. CELL [DIED] Recruiting

(BioHazzard831) #1

We are a Clan that’s not so competitive but rather one that likes to play around and especially have fun, but at the same time, we do like to play against other Clans. We sometimes, arrange a private match to just chill at different maps and just have fun, looking for some advantage points or just running around doing Parkour. So if your this type of player, have a go at us. You could also contact us at battle.brinkthegame, it’s another website to see your stats and arrange Clan tournaments and other stuff. You could also check out our other members and our Leader, BeedooJoose, I’m the Officer. We are mostly Resistance by the way. Thanks!

(Whirlwind) #2

Im wanting to join the clan… do i need to add one of yall and tryout? What do i need to do? Im a rookie player, but i feel like i can really contribute to the team as an Engineer…and ive been looking for a clan forever so im hoping i can play with yall

(BioHazzard831) #3

You could add me if you want, but yeah, I’ll send you an invite for you to tryout. When are you available?

(XxWingedNinjaxX) #4

Hey I am interested in joining. Anyone I need to add or watever just let me know

(Xonikful) #5

Hi, My PSN in nikso12 and i have played brink much with my friend. i’m good player as operative and engineer, but soldier is fine too. Can you tell me how to join? im 5really interested

(BioHazzard831) #6

Dead Cell no longer exists anymore. We tried to bring the Clan System back again but no one did anything. But, we’re gonna try again. That’s where everyone’s been doing their clans and matches. Give anyone this website so that we can start this again and maybe keep it running. P.S. I think it’s just on PS3…