Proxy/skyhamer obsidian poll

(Mc1412013) #1

I have yet to se any one other than me with the new obsidians so i was wondering did any one get them

If this works right it should be multiple choice

  • Yes Proxy
  • No I dont like the Proxy obsidian
  • No proxy i hate Shotguns
  • No i will buy proxy obsidian if sd gets there crap together and gives us the load out system or an smg card
  • No Proxy im broke
  • Yes i bought sky hamer
  • No i dont like the sky hammer obsidian
  • No i dont like the weapon on sky hammers card
  • No i will buy sky hamer obsidian if sd gets there crap together and gives us the load out system or a diferent weapon choice
  • No sky hammer im broke

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(Your worst knifemare.) #2

Wheres the “I just don’t like Proxy” option?


I hate shotguns, but Ihave like, a billion special edition loadouts for proxy already so even if her card was a hochfir loadout it’s debatable if I’d buy it. I don’t mind the aesthetics or anything, although the tire treads on her arms still weird me out lol.

The Skybro one I found kinda ugly tbh. It just doesn’t fit with DB or the other obsidian operatives, and even if it did I kinda hate his visor. Plus just like proxy, being over level 400 I already have a lot of other loadouts for him that I like.

I just wish they’d give us more loadout options. Do something like the Phantom obsidian with a different loadout for every primary, rather than forcing me to choose one that I dislike. Not like it should be that hard to implement either

(n-x) #4

Like @Lord_Coctus said. You need a “I don’t like Proxy” option. But to give you some feedback. I dislike each and every Obsidian Operative they have released.
They all don’t fit the style of the game, except maybe the Arty and to a even lesser degree the Fletcher one, or they are just downright shit, like Phoenix, Turtle, or they dont fit the character of the merc, like Stoker. The Skyhammer is for me in all 3 categories, doesn’t fit the game, looks like shit, and doesn’t fit the character at all.

The Proxy still doesn’t fit the game, but in another game it would be a really cool skin. But it’s still Proxy, so…

(D'@athi) #5

Where’s the “I don’t pay for cashgrab-stuff, as good as it may be. Fix your fucking game.”-option?

(DarkangelUK) #6

I still had RADs left over from the ranked points conversion so I bought both Skyhammer and Proxy, I now have 18k RADs left. I don’t play them as their loadouts aren’t anything special, so I rather play with Founders versions to be a bit more ‘unique’ (I also fixed the spelling in your title: pole - poll)

(Meetrock) #7

The loadout Proxy got as obsidian sucks, I prefer her SMG one, with the reloading while sprinting.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #8

I got the Proxy card only because I like how she looks from the back.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #9

Not interested in either. I don’t like Proxy and the only Sky loadout I use is T61.

(Your worst knifemare.) #10

I like Skyhammers skin, but I barely use him since i have Kira and Jav.

(Xyfurion) #11

I bought neither. I mean I haven’t played the game in a few months. I’m just lurking at this point.

(Bestfinlandball) #12

I find the new obsidians a bit too over the top futuristic. The original 3 alongside Phoenix were the best in my opinion.

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #13

… I mean I think they’re both pretty cool…