Proxxy's Waking Nightmare Part 4

(Despaniard) #1

<Lisa Wells. Codename: Proxxy. Combat Engineer. Sent here on accounts of “strange looking merc that one moment was there, the next was gone.” Clinically sane but experts suggest a strong case of PTSD. Interview #4>

<Miss Wells?>

Wh-What happened? I just remember talking and then I was out cold…

<Your mind was overwhelmed by the memories of the mission and you passed out. Please, continue talking about the mercenary. What was his name again?>

His name? Um… Phantom… Yes, Phantom. He um…

Rustling of sheets as Proxxy shifts around in her hospital bed

Right… Okay so Sawbonez had just finished keying in the passcode to secure the containers when the doors closed and the chopper left us, taking the Delivery Box with it. We were just beginning to relax when I heard Vassili choke and begin to gurgle over the com’s. He was still in his sniper’s nest and it seemed that Phantom had quickly gone up and killed him. I can still hear his gurgling… Just drowning in blood…

<And then what happened, Miss Wells?>

Then? Then we all ran like hell. It was every merc for himself or so I thought. Sawbonez and Nader went off together, Turtle and I split from the group and of course blooming Arty and Skyhammer split up to go alone after the man. They’d just seen him butcher a team of highly trained mercenaries like it was his waking-up routine and they thought they could handle him? @#% idiot’s…

<(It would seem that once again the revival of the memories has proved too much for Miss Wells. Not a surprise considering how her teammates are faring, both Skyhammer and Arty are in a vegetative state and Nader cannot be left unattended in an empty room as she will panic, believing Phantom is in the same room as her.)

Another hiatus that really peeved me. I hate leaving readers hanging.

(CyberVonCyberus) #2

so that’s how phantom post nerf was like…

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@Eox if OP wants, can you merge all of these stories? It’s rare we get a writer that doesn’t spew R-34 vitriol all over their story.

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I can’t merge threads in this forum. It’ll have to stay like that.

@Despaniard : Please avoid to create new threads for your story too commonly. I would advise using an alternative website to host your stuff on instead, like a Tumblr blog for exemple.

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@Eox You got it!