(ronboy) #141

Now the site is better. Thanks Eugeny. :smiley:

(melc_av) #142

Hello Eugeny,

New news about this project? It will be finish?

Thanks advance!

(Eugeny) #143

Hello, melc_av,
No news about Project-X.
it will be finished sometime

(melc_av) #144

Thank you Eugeny for your’s fast answer.

I’m glad to read that this project will be finished sometime.

I know that you are a part o development team of the project Victors and that you make HD RTCW.

We wait with pacient.

(Eugeny) #145

Here a long time I did not write anything. So, screenshots will not, unfortunately :frowning:

a little bit of statistics on the current map readiness ~ 50%

(ronboy) #146

So, you’re working on Project X again? That’s great! :smiley:
By the way, do you have a new computer? It looks like your using Windows Vista or Windows 7 now instead of Windows XP.

(Eugeny) #147

My computer already old, especially video card
OS: Windows 7
Video card: XFX Radeon HD5830 1Gb 256 bit
Processor: AMD FX-6200 3.8GHz 14Mb DDR3-1866 Socket-AM3 + OEM
Motherboard: ASUS Socket-AM3+ M5A99X EVO R 2.0 AMD990X/SB950 4xDDR3-2133 3xPCI-E (16 4/8 +8 +4) 8ch 6xSATA3 RAID 4xUSB3 eSATA ATX
Memory: DIMM DDR3 4096MBx4 PC15000 1866MHz Corsair Vengeance 9-10-9-27 [CMZ16GX3M4X1866C9R] Retail
SSD: SSD 2.5 "SATA-3 128Gb OCZ Vertex 4 [VTX4-25SAT3-128G] Everest2 (R560/W430MB/s) SyncNAND
Hard Drive: SATA-3 2Tb Western Digital Caviar Red [WD20EFRX] Cache 64MB
Cooler: Zalman 10X Performa (Aluminum, copper + heat. Tubes 17 36dB, 900-2000 rev / min) Socket-775/1156/1366/AM2/754/939/940

(vicpas) #148

Nice to read that Project X is being developed.
Eugeny, if you need any help contact me, i will be happy helping you.

(Eugeny) #149

Current workplace

(ronboy) #150

Is that a dual monitor setup? It looks awesome. :cool:

(Eugeny) #151

yeah, notebook + monitor

(PuNkReAS*) #152

Eugeny is pro :smiley:

(ronboy) #153

My playthrough of the Project X demo:

(melc_av) #154

Hello Eugeny,
The work for Project x was stopped until The Victors release?

(Eugeny) #155

Project-X is paused

(melc_av) #156

Thank you Eugeny

(William Faure) #157

The Victors seems like a priority for you since it’s a bigger project.
I can totally understand why Project-X is actually paused.
Hope to see more soon, both about The Victors and Project-X.
Good-luck with your different works.

(Eugeny) #158

(ronboy) #159

Good to see you working on Project X again! :cool:

(Eugeny) #160