(vicpas) #101

I don’t think, Eugeny give up of this project, because it gets better every version.

(ronboy) #102

Good. Eugeny, keep up the good work! Remember, if you need me for something, let me know. :cool:

(vicpas) #103

Hey Eugeny.
Good work with areaportal and hint brushes.

(Eugeny) #104

Thanks VicPas!

(ronboy) #105

I’m also glad the rock music was removed. I like the new music, creepy like. :oppressor:

(Eugeny) #106

Work has begun on a new map for the project

(ronboy) #107

Good news Eugeny. :cool:

(Eugeny) #108

Screens of new level:

(ronboy) #109

Will the new level be the church? It looks like it judging by the pics. :stroggtapir:

(Eugeny) #110

african skin for my project. (no head)

(vicpas) #111

Goog work, Eugeny.
Place one copy of this skin’s pic on Capuzzo’s topic for Sage see it.

(ronboy) #112

Eugeny, do you plan to use the African soldier skin in the next release of Project X?

(Eugeny) #113

maybe, maybe…

(vicpas) #114

Video about demo version published on Filefront:

Link to Download version demo 1:

(ronboy) #115

The filefront version isn’t as cool as the latest version Eugeny posted, but thanks for uploading this Vicpas. :cool:

(Eugeny) #116

I am preparing a small portion of the screenshots of the updated level 2.

(Eugeny) #117

(ronboy) #118

Nice work Eugeny! It’s more detailed than the previous version. Can’t wait to play it! :flamethrower:

(Eugeny) #119

must wait :tongue:

(vicpas) #120

Nice to read that the Project X continues in progress.