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(NK.NewNightmare) #1

Excuse me, could somebody please tell me when I’ll be able to change my profile-image and when it comes to that, how?

(Wintergreen) #2

You need 25 or 50 points, I believe. Then you’ll have an edit button on your profile page near your default picture to change it.

(NK.NewNightmare) #3

So, how do I get points?
By Posting/Commenting I assume.

(Wintergreen) #4

You earn badges and milestones for that, yeah, but most of your reputation will come from people liking, agreeing with, laughing at, or finding your posts insightful.

(NK.NewNightmare) #5

Ok, thanks a bunch!

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #6

Post funny stuff here to build up rep faster: