problems with brush

(schoft) #1

I am trying to make a certain brush but i dont know how. can any of you guys help me out ?

i am trying to make something like this:

but i cant make this corner:


(kamikazee) #2

Well, take one of the steep brushes you’ve got now. Extend them on the side till they are past the corner. There clip them from the corner of the ‘higher’ rectangle to the ‘lower’ rectangle. If you have the brush still selected, press H (hide).
Take the other brush, and repeat the process.

Once you’ve done both brushes in a corner press Shift+H (unhide all).

Of course, this explanation would be way better with some pics, I don’t have got Radiant over here.

(schoft) #3

thx for replying but i dont understand :<

  • Extend them om the side till they are past the cornor - done

  • there clip them from the corner of the higher rectangle … ?? whaT?

(kamikazee) #4

Well, if you’re looking at it from the top view, you need to clip it with an angle of 45 degrees.
If you look top view on your construction, you can spot two rectangles: one large as the outside of your complete structure, and one in the middle where it gets flat again. You need to clip from a corner of the inside rectangle to the corner of the outside rectangle. Then you got it if you repeat it for all 3 steep brushes, in all four corners.

(schoft) #5

sorry, i dont know what clipping is. your explenations is good :slight_smile:

(kamikazee) #6

How have you made the steep brush then? By creating a 3-sided brush and dragging it’s edges?
This special form can be made by dragging edges as well, instead of extending the whole brush you only drag the corner point that should go in the outside-rectangle corner. Again no screens, this would make it easier to explain. :confused:

(schoft) #7

Aaah, so that is called clipping. soz dident know. thx for helping me ill try it out right now and i will contact you when i have more problems thanks !

(kamikazee) #8

No, with clipping I mean using the clipper tool. How it works can be found in the GTKRadiant manual. (Take note that it works different in GTK 1.5 then in 1.4)

(schoft) #9

i made that brush by clicking on the E button. you can modify the poligans. i use gtkradient 1.4 since 1.5 is a bit unstable i heard.

(kamikazee) #10

If you used the E key, you’re dragging edges. If you press X you activate the clipper tool. (which is allso in the toolbar).

1.5 has some bugs, it sometimes crashes when you try to ‘build’ and the 1.5 build 01-16 on the main page even won’t allow to edit an entity’s properties if you click it.
That’s all I noticed, but I prefer 1.4.

(schoft) #11

Thanks kami ! this is my result:

;D thx for helping me out

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(damnIt) #14

sorry but what do you mean whit brush? Never heard about this term before according to this game…