Problem with enemy drops upon death.

(Matias Repetto) #1

Hello, I am making a modification to the game where enemies, upon death, drop items randomly with a probability of 1/25. However, I’m encountering an issue: when we hit this probability and the enemy drops the item, sometimes the model is displayed correctly, and other times it is not. It seems like a three-dimensional axis system is visible, as if the texture is not loading. Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Here is an example with the small health pack.

(sd2009) #2


The 3D colored object means that the engine cannot find the md3 object or whatever the object format is.
Check if the md3 object is available for the engine. Check its name. Maybe you typed the name of the object somewhere wrong. Another reason could be the missing shader or a texture.

Good luck.


(Matias Repetto) #3

First of all thank you so much for your response and time !,

I think that is not this case because im using default items that are already at the game itself, also when i took them from the floor the effect it is the expected one so the item is actally there that let us know that the name of the item is the correct one. Im missing something ?

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Maybe something is corrupt with the pak files of the game that are found under folder wolfenstein/main/. It is difficult to judge without examining the content of the pak files. A closer look should be taken at the scripts, textures, models, etc. If the game content is modified, side effects or conflicts might cause unwanted results. The engine wolfsp.exe or the dlls might not function properly.

Good luck