Problem to run Gtk radiant on windows 10 home, notebook

(Kic) #1

Hello ,
I have such a problem, my laptop with Windows 10 does not want to run Radiant 1.6.5. and 1.6.6 . I have unpacked pak0.pk3 and unpacked all paky.pk3
, like common.pk3, lights.pk3 and others, but it still makes me mistake that I’m missing some basic shader, which is there, I don’t know what to do with it


Used google translator , sorry for this

(KeMoN) #2

What a wonderful surprise. It’s been ages since I saw your name around, Kic.
I remember the multitude of plant models you created back in the day. Good to have you back.

Generally, I would recommend to use NetRadiant by Garux. It’s way more modern, intuitive and just overall updated and usable. Last release is from this year as well, so it’s still being developed. You can grab it here:
I never had any issues with it and it’s running fine on Windows 10 for everyone I know of.

(Kic) #3

Thank you Kemon .
I have been away , because I had health problems - stroke in the age 39

I have some questions towards the net. radiant - is uses newest Q3map2 , prabably yes .

Thank you

(KeMoN) #4

Newest everything, yes.

That’s unfortunate to hear, but I’m glad you’re okay now and have gotten through everything well!
Let us know if you need more help with NetRadiant.