problem in-game

(jrgunz_21) #1

So i just downloaded dirty bomb and was super hyped to play it.
I checked the system requirements and they all matched (except my graphics card is nvidia geforce 620m on an i5 processor)
The game launches and the game modes come up and after i select a game mode the loading screen for the match(in-game) comes up and when it finishes loading the program just closes it self. Can any one help me please … I really want to play this game :neutral:
P.S.: Other steam games like Warface and H&G run perfectly.

(henki000) #2

Have you restarted your PC and check updates?

(FalC_16) #3

Its probably best to open a ticket with SD buddy

(Nail) #4

don’t think that graphics adapter is up to the job

(Mc1412013) #5

620m as in mobile chip yeah not gonna cut it though i can get db to run on my 3 yr old ultra book. Its a little choppy on potato setings but it runs

(Unrivaled) #6

@Nail said:
don’t think that graphics adapter is up to the job

If he can play Warface and H&G with it, there really shouldn’t be any problem with Dirty Bomb considering it’s a lot less demanding.

If the problem does come from his graphics card, then it’s one more evidence of DB’s poor optimization.

(jrgunz_21) #7

yea i have tried restarting my computer doesn’t change any thing i have tried checking files through steam still doesn’t work
BTW it is a laptop and not a pc … need to get my @$$ a gaming pc ffs :3
the graphics card is a GeForce GT 620M
i5 processor with 4gb ram
if anyone has any idea plz help

(GatoCommodore) #8

minimum requirements is not exactly enough
especially after years of hardware performance degradation and the probability of processor performance drop by the latest Intel patch.