"Press any key" Bug

(complexSeal) #1

first of all i’m french and my english expression isn’t really good, hope you will understand me :x .
I played since the previous closed beta and i didn’t have this problem. Since 2 days when a game start and “Press any key to continue” appear i can’t do anything. I mean i can’t moove my mouse, go to an other screen, alt + tab or whatever but when i press a key i don’t spawn in the game.
I don’t have this problem when i join a game who have already started (they don’t have this screen when the game already started).
At the begging of this beta (26 - 27 march) i didn’t have any problem with this screen :° .

(UrbanRu8en) #2


This appear to me sometimes too…
…but when I use alt+tab and I return to the game its normal again.
So, not so bad but little bit frustrating. :confused:

(Calynth) #3

I think it’s related to the sawbones profile pic ‘-’

(complexSeal) #4

Problem solved by itself, strange things happen xD

(thistleBlast) #5

I have the glitch. Last comment was april 3rd and it’s not fixed…