Praetoria Mission 3: Supersonic - WIP

(Diego) #1

This map was the first map that I started back in 2004. It’s gone through multiple rebuilds as I’ve learned more about mapping. And of course, the development got so big that what started as one map has now become four.

Anyhow, I was asked to show some screens of this map a long time ago. So here they are. The map structure is done. Still testing the objectives, and I need to add some more details, sound, a few more custom models, etc. As you can see, this is my biggest map so far, so I’ve opted for a heavy fog to help improve the VIS. But I imagine this one will probably be another map that slow machines won’t handle.

The objective is to steal a prototype Supersonic jet engine from the Axis using a Train and Truck.

(Diego) #2

A few more screens.

(reaply) #3

Diego will you never stop surprising me? hehehe you little mapper you. :eek:

(BackSnip3) #4

The maps don’t stop being better and better between each release:eek:Praetoria 4 will surely make me fall off my chair :smiley:
Your lighting just rocks man,that’s so awesome:stroggtapir:
Looking forward to play this:wink:

(stealth6) #5

Awesome work as usual :smiley: :smiley:

(nukits) #6

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiii awesome map again, idk what happens if you mix all Praetoria maps hehee ^^

(ischbinz) #7

you re really a nice mappe diego -
i hope you don t stop with it!

(shagileo) #8

Very truthful to the previous episodes, that skybox looks nice as well !

I hope it’s going to be a very interactive map (like the previous one)

(UJERebel) #9

All praise the mapping god :stroggtapir:

I really loved the other praetoria maps, and it seems im gonna love this too!! omg nice!!:stroggtapir:

(pizza) #10

dude man, as i see you are really advanced in map, i would like to request you to be my partener. What do u think? I just started a new jail map if you want to help me just post reply…

(BackSnip3) #11

lol Pizza I’m not enough?I answer almost all you ask to me:rolleyes:
And you’re of a beginner level, I don’t think Diego would like to be your partener.Get on tutorials first:D

(ailmanki) #12

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: someday playing the full Praetoria Campaign!

(ronboy) #13

Nice map. The sky looks real. And I just love maps with a night time setting.

(Diego) #14

Thanks for the comments. Still a lot of work to do, though.

Sorry, Pizza. I barely have enough time to work on my own map so I really don’t have time to partner up with someone else on their map.

(Crytiqal) #15

Sorry to resurrect and old thread but I was wondering how the Praetoria Missions were going?

Any updates on this? :wink:

I still remember the Praetoria Mission One map which blew my mind

(Infinitypl123) #16

Sick great!

(FireFly) #17

Bumpity Bump

Looking at the beautiful screenshots posted on august 2010, the map looks very finished to me.

I was wondering what’s the current state of the map? I hope you’re planning to release it in the near future :slight_smile:

(Diego) #18

Been a long time since I did any work on it. I have been more concerned about the current gameplay balance. This one has taken longer for my friends to really get a grip on the strategy from both sides point of view. But they’ve been doing a lot better lately and the games are not as one-sided as they used to be.

I’ve been meaning to make a few last tweaks to it, and then release a Beta version for you guys to run through. But even in it’s current state, it is a fully functional map.

(Crytiqal) #19

So, you are saying, you havent abandoned it? :smiley:

This is making me horny xD

(schnoog) #20

Oha, Crytiqal gets horny… hide your dogs :slight_smile:
(sorry, I wasn`t able to stop myself)

btt: couldn`t wait until a release…