Post your unbalanced end game CMM scoreboards here

(Sgt_Engee) #1

As the title says, post screenshots from the end of your game if your match was VERY one sided. Please only include matches from the new 6 v 6 in the new objective Casual Matchmaking Mode. Hopefully this will function as solid feedback to the devs that the CMM is broken. Here are mine:

In my favor:

Not in my favor:

(znuund) #2

@Sgt_Engee said:
In my favor:
Why was this unbalanced? Defending successfully results in a high score for the defending team. You just supported the shit out of this game. This is a prime showcase where a support is carrying the game. You kept your fragger alive and he just shred everybody. Seeing the score from the enemy shows to me, that they tried and I am pretty sure I would have still a good game on the attacking team. But they had very poor support. They would have needed two things: a real support and someone who destroyed your healing station frequently. aura is very strong on terminal.

Defenders have one less due to probably a leaver, it ought to be unbalanced. stuff happens. Maybe the guy who left was the one which was put in their team to carry them.

Not in my favor:

So this is actually the only one where there is an obvious unbalance. 3 players in your team had clearly no idea what was going on. but looking at their merc choices it can very well be that they are completely new to the game as their mercs are all free rotation or starter mercs.

I would just like to see that people try harder if they get a real challenge. It will be like this many more times and that not only in video games. Stuff is hard from time to time and hope you will be one time in your life in the situation where you are so nervous that you will even get sick and almost have to puke, because overcoming this will make you so much harder/better/faster/stronger.

(Sgt_Engee) #3

It’s hard to say in CMM if some is “completely new” because it doesn’t show you level on the scoreboard. And while level doesn’t necessarily indicate skill, it does show that you’ve been playing the game for a significant amount of time and likely know the ins and out of every map and merc like the back of your hand.

As for my the fragger shredding everyone, that is one of the points I’m trying to get at / make. He had nearly twice as many kills and twice the score of that the lead on the enemy team… I understand supports, especially aura, get really high scores, but the fact that we had him completely decimating their team, and half our team outscored their highest…is pretty bad.

Whether it’s lack of skill or understanding the mercs, maps, and gameplay mechanics, this is an example of an undesirable match for the losers. Honestly it should be for both sides. Arguably they aren’t in the same skill bracket as our team was. The CMM should take this into account and match them with other players on the same level. Essentially, CMM should have a skill rating system of some kind. Similar to ranked play in a game like Overwatch for example.

Also, another issue, CMM doesn’t prevent you from pitting premade groups of 6 or any number for that matter, against a group of pugs. The first time I played CMM I was matched with a bunch of lower skilled players, against a full premade group of 6 from PUSH, to include BAPMAN. We made no progress at all on attack and were basically stuck at our spawn area. These kinds of games shouldn’t be happening. If a group of premades want to come in stomp, they should be pitted against other premades.

(znuund) #4

@Sgt_Engee said:
I usually use the score they can gather in a certain amount of the match and compare it to the rest of the team. Also I account for some classes which cannot get xp that fast. This shows to me how much impact they have or how good they exploit their role. In your first screenshot you had a phoenix in the enemy team with so very low support xp, showing to me that he was just ramboing and not healing his team.
The fragger in your team could not perform like that if you didn’t heal him all the time. The better players of the enemy team should have seen that and focus to deny the healing or kill him together. He can be good but two guys shooting one guy usually results in the one guy dyeing. This is not CS where you can kill two guys with two shots which is why I love this kind of games.
The CMM algorithm can’t wait all the time to find an evenly skilled aimer as this fragger was, instead it tries to match some weaker but good players against him, but sadly they failed. It was a combination of circumstances: support difference, bad play vs good play and so on. Sometimes a healing station getting destroyed on high cooldown can make you lose an objective.

The CMM algorithm wants to find a balanced match but it wants to find a match - for everyone. That means for the PUSH guys that they had to wait a long time to find a match, but in the end were matched against you. Of course this can only be a badly balanced match, but what are the options if they want to play together? They would have destroyed every server if there was still server browser and they would probably have a bad time when the algorithm would end after 15 mins saying:“guys I can’t find a 6 man premade team in your skill bracket”.

A full premade team out of good players is an extreme every match-making algorithm can’t balance, except there is also other teams in this skill bracket, but generally the highest skilled bracket has only a few teams or players in them. Best example is to see a stream of OW premade teams, they generally fight always against the same guys.