"Post your screenshots" thread. Humor not required, but appreciated

(iwound) #521

Lets do the can can. daa da daa daa da daa daa, daa daa da daa.

(h2o) #522

Beautiful sunset :smiley:

(iwound) #523

Looks like a discussion about pants length was never resolved.

(Loffy) #524

Most of you guys have probably seen this hidden message already. London Bridge, inside the GH Building.

It was new to me. I just saw it today. Nice detail.

(iwound) #525

what they do to mercs if you get caught.

(Rex) #526

Someone forgot his weapon…

(bitmap) #527

How do you take screenshots in the game?

(Dormamu) #528

Use this steps

[QUOTE=Toomic;]Screenshot + Bug Location
• Essential for any visual issues, especially issues with certain areas of a map
• Press F12 to take a screenshot or type “Bugit” into the console
• Screenshots are saved to “C:\Program Files (x86)\WarChest\Dirty Bomb\Published\Content\ShooterGame\screenshots”
• A .txt document is also produced when F12 is pressed which contains information on the location of the issue, please include this information.
• Screenshots are saved as .bmp files by default, please convert them to Jpeg to upload them[/QUOTE]

(RasteRayzeR) #529

bitmap asks how to make a picture :smiley:

Sorry, as a computer scientist, I had to highlight the irony ^^

(Wezelkrozum) #530

[QUOTE=RasteRayzeR;464210]bitmap asks how to make a picture :smiley:

Sorry, as a computer scientist, I had to highlight the irony ^^[/QUOTE]

  • You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to RasteRayzeR again.-

(iwound) #531

typing bugit in the console gives me … wait for it… a pic of the console. black screen. needs home ~ console

(H0RSE) #532

Trickjumping being a part of “most games” (source?) can be 1 of 2 things - intended or unintended. In either instance, I still see at sort of an exploitative mechanic, like quick scoping, regardless of the amount of skill they require.

(stealth6) #533

Care to explain further? If it’s intended I don’t see how it’s exploitative.

EDIT: Also I think we’re in the wrong thread somehow :smiley:

(iwound) #534

yes its for screenies. heres a pic of me playing
ammo skittles to remind us.

(Kl3ppy) #535

Found a nice view:

Look at my pretty tool :slight_smile:

(rookie1) #536

From T-shirt quote WE SEE YOU …whos that ? Answer ^^

(Volcano) #537

I’m okay with this

(iwound) #538


I’m okay with this[/QUOTE]

Ahh! they are implementing the vplays. nice.
What tactical signal could that be.:smiley:

(iwound) #539

i couldnt even kill an afk with it. :wink:

(iwound) #540

Radioactive rat poop.