Pointe du Hoc - Mapping Project

(Mateos) #101

They’re impressive. The architectural details take a lot of time, just making a house looks like Fuel Dump Allied Spawn took me 2 hours to have the wood stuff and the house itself fit each other, plus fit with the grid… The ammo/health cabs house looks better now, without the flat ceiling :slight_smile: The Allied Spawn will be harder, as it is L shaped…

But I’m going offtopic x)

(KeMoN) #102

That’s true, but in the last two weeks you have been posting screenshots nearly every day. And trust me there will be a time when you don’t want to go on! But keep it up that way. I also like your project, looks really nice.

(DeatH) #103

How about a PM with a shot of your work so far? I’d like to see the progress, looks like your map will be quite good too judging from the original screenshots :slight_smile:

(.Chris.) #104

Erm, why bother with the historical accuracy? Just make it fun, real world locations don’t always lend themselves to good map layouts, they weren’t designed for W:ET :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #105

Well by historical accuracy I meant the allignement of the bunkers and artillery-gun emplacements not the exact bunker layout. I just used WW2 bunkers because they look far better than ‘normal’ or ‘invented’ bunkers (which can also be found in the map). Another point is that the artillery guns aren’t located on top of the cliff but in the town.

I want to restore the rough scenario not to create a slaughter house of allied forces down at the beach.

I do care about the fun. I already have the rough gameplay in mind. I also added a tunnel at the beach so the Allies can either climb up the cliff or go through a tunnel which wasn’t there originally. I restarted that project two times because I wasn’t satisfied with the gameplay so I think you can say that I take the fun also serious not just the historical accuracy :tongue:

(Mateos) #106

Arty/FFE/Panza/Sniper @ the beach :tongue:

(KeMoN) #107

The cliff will provide cover. The top of the cliff bears out so the players covering underneath that overhang shouldn’t be harmed by arty but definitely not by players on top of the cliff because they can’t even see them. Besides that, the cliff is as wide as the whole et_beach (including the nearly useless beach part on the right) and there are three Allied spawns planned along the beach.

…I just had an idea popping into my mind. Wouldn’t it be better to not make three huge spawns but to seperate the spawns into several LCVPs with let’s say four spawns each??
Personally I prefer that option.

(Mateos) #108

Double-posting to tell that KeMoN+ published some screenshots on his ModDB profile (Some are old ones):

You should subscribe to stay up to date :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #109

Pointe du Hoc
An Enemy Territory mapping project

Well, actually I wanted to wait a little longer until I announce it here, but I have to rush an official post, since Mateos already posted :tongue:.

I’d like to start by thanking Backsnipe for having my back, although I just let him hang in there!

So…I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks and I hereby present you the Resurrection of the project. Although I never clearly stated the project halted, I haven’t worked on it for months and I actually wasn’t about to take it back on. Well, I guess mapping is just too much fun for me.

Since I already had the bunker structures and the cliff, Backsnipe created, it wasn’t really hard to come up with this in a couple of weeks. I’m quite astounded of the possibilities the creation of .ase models gives you.
Since I couldn’t find proper prefabs of the stuff I wanted, I created several brushmodels and converted them to .ase.

This is my little collection of .ase models so far:

This model-pack it is pretty nice to work with, since they keep everything quite simple yet detailed enough for me.
Now to see the model-pack in action I present you several Work-In-Progress shots of the map.
Starting with the overall planned layout:

What you see here is just an editor shot of the whole level edited in Photoshop.
I think the legend explains everything you need to know. The red part of the map understandably is the non-accesible region of the map. As stated this layout is the planned one (not scripted yet) and there willl be several changes made in the progress of the project.


Now for the actual Work in progress shots:

I hope you like the new map, since this time, I don’t plan on restarting it again! :smiley:
I would be glad for feedback/ideas and everything.
You will recognize several prefabs I pulled out of other maps but I hope I’ll be forgiven.

As for Backsnipe:
I’m really sorry for letting you hang in there without any notification! I would be really glad if I could win back your interest in this project! Although I’m currently doing fine on my own, I would love to have you on this project aswell, since I suppose I’ll reach my limits soon!


(nonoMapper) #110

The screenshots look great :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the release

(BackSnip3) #111

Hey Kemon, don’t worry about it, I’ve also been busy anyway with school and other projects! Just wondered if you were alive or anything, it would have been nice from you to send me a little message!

I always liked the project and I’d like to help you with the models, as I did before.
They’re exported from brushwork I think, from what I’ve seen, and so the smoothing isn’t there (look at the sandbags!).

I also see you need to blend the textures to each other.
This is really painful as I remember, but do the Sock tutorials and it’ll work! Or ask me for a conversion to a model.

By the way the shots look amazing, just one thing: the sun effect on the sky doesn’t match with the sunlight origin and direction example on that screenshot (effect on left, light on the right)
Also maybe add some (more?) fog and make the light a lot more blurred, to achieve this you can decrease sunlight and increase skylight to make the light more “diffuse”.
You can send PM’s here or log on msn, I can’t go on xfire. See you!

(KeMoN) #112

That is truely nice to know :slight_smile:

[the models] are exported from brushwork I think, from what I’ve seen, and so the smoothing isn’t there (look at the sandbags!).[/quote]
That’s one of the things I have in mind. I tried it with phong-shading the sandbag texture, but the result was quite horrible^^
I still have the screenshots of the sandbag model you created. Would be great if you still have that, because then it wouldn’t be that hard to create the different models from it.

Well, I decided to wait with the blending, because I still change the terrain and I don’t want to always change its blending simultaneously.
If you’re still up to the alpha blending you referred to in an older post, would be fantastic.

By the way the shots look amazing, just one thing: the sun effect on the sky doesn’t match with the sunlight origin and direction example on that screenshot (effect on left, light on the right)[/quote]

Thank you for the compliment. As a matter of fact I’m pretty proud of this map so far!
For the fog: I already planned to add fog to the map and make the overall ambient more muddy.

I still need help with the lighting in the bunker corridors etc. Old habits die hard and so there are some light entities you might consider useless :smiley:

As stated, I’m still changing stuff and testing how far I can go by myself, so there is no need for you to already get busy, but since you already see the things I don’t, (e.g. sunlight) I will need your help lateron!!


(Mateos) #113

Sorry for pushing, I did not think about it ^^’

Anyway nice to know it’s still in dev, it was too much goodness to be halted :slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #114

[QUOTE=Mateos;409355]Sorry for pushing, I did not think about it ^^’

Anyway nice to know it’s still in dev, it was too much goodness to be halted :)[/QUOTE]

It’s fine, don’t worry! It’s just that people tend to like presenting their own stuff themselves you know? :smiley:

(tokamak) #115

Looks brilliant. When I visited that place I really couldn´t help but think how much of a great ET map this would make.

(Dragonji) #116

Any news on this?

(KeMoN) #117

Thank you very much for the interest Dragonji! I really appreciate it.

I just had a look and was quite surprised myself, but the first post in this thread really is from february 2011.
This project turned out to only have one purpose, which was: teaching myself mapping.

I don’t know if any or how many of you remember the first screenshots of this project. Luckily I deleted them quite some time ago, because I don’t really want to see them again^^
Anyway with Backsnipe by my side this project really brought me forward with my mapping skills, but also taught me quite some stuff on shaders/models etc.

I’m currently in the 5th or 6th [lost count myself] (total) reconstruction of the map. Because I (rightly) never was happy with the map as I got deeper in the mapping possibilities.
I don’t know whether you ever had such a project, but if you work over 2 years on something you really loose the desire to work on it. That’s why there have been periods where I didn’t do anything for the map.

Anyways I’m now working on the map to radically improve its quality and create a proper feeling/atmosphere on the map, because I want that 2 year-long project to turn out as a god-damn sparkling piece of eyecandy.

I hope I’ll be forgiven for this horrible on-off state of this project, but
it is neither dead nor forgotten. I’m working on it and it will be released!

Thank you for the interest!

(zbzero) #118

Im waiting to see it too, i really like what you did there :slight_smile:

(Tardis) #119

Kemon ,

You have defiantly have an eye for detail all the new screenshots and all your hard work on models etc are most defiantly revitalizing this map and ET itself . If there was a prize for best map of the year you would most defiantly win it .

I would love you to work on some of my map projects you make them worth playing .

anticipating the release !

(kost3k) #120

Any news about this project?