Please make us able to run through health station/ammo station in ranked

(Chronicler) #1

As topic says, I just find it so frustrating running into them all the time/getting stuck, I understand why it is solid, but I just would prefer it wouldn’t be.

(Szakalot) #2

there is always casual

(pHine4s) #3

It’s a matter of understanding the game. With collision on I always try to put deployables out of the way ppl usually would use.
That doesn’t make it less annoyable if not done so, but that’s always the case with players not comprehending this part of gameplay.
As with everything else, I got used to it, inevitably - and I don’t want it changed.
I’d rather go for the possibility to nudge away potato-players standing in crucial doorways not moving - as we had it in ET.

(Chronicler) #4

Haven’t you played ranked Szaka? It’s basically casual but the noobs are able to kill you also.

Like the Aura that blocked me in on terminal with a health station on last obj when I had planted…

That person didn’t kill me directly though, just got me killed.

But yeah, it’s very casual, yesterday in ranked when attacking on Dockyard (I was Aura), I had two naders and two proxies on my team, the proxies decide to run ahead and rambo attack, and BOTH the naders start repairing the EV at the same time, it was like being in another dimension of suck.