Please, Give The Community Dedicated Server Files

(ChuckMCCluck) #1

I understand you will be offering server rental through I3D after the official servers will be shut down but you cannot offer the I3D server rental forever. Giving us the files to run our own server you’ll ensure this game can have an active community indefintaley, even after support from Splash Damage has completely ended. I have my own hardware I would be very much interested running a DB server on it and having to pay a rental fee doesn’t feel neccesary when I can provide my own server. Look at Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a game you developed, it’s 17 years old yet you still see people playing it to this day and even having tournaments all because you gave them the tools to keep a game alive that they loved.

(Mc1412013) #2

Already said not gonna happen

(Press E) #3

Keep in mind the cost of supporting DB isn’t just the game servers, it’s also the player data servers. What loadouts you have, your mercs, your level, your stats, etc. Player run servers wouldn’t really fix that. The devs would actually have to spend time reworking the game if they wanted to remove player data and give everyone the same basic account too, which is hard to justify for a game you’ve removed monetization and moved on from

Also just guessing here, but SD might have an agreement with I3D for a percentage of server profits. No idea if they do, but it would help offset the player data server cost without having to pull employees away from bigger projects just to work on something for a mostly dead game

Plus I think there are legal reasons SD never allowed for other community content too, so that also complicates stuff

(ChuckMCCluck) #4

Player data could be kept the same for everyone IE, everyone has everything unlocked and the files are just kept locally when you download the client as opposed accesing them on a server. I don’t feel like that would be much work, especially considering you are putting in the little effort it would take to keep your passion project alive forever as opposed to just letting it die. The dedicated server files were released for Brink, I don’t see how Dirty Bomb would be any different. Also I don’t know why there would be any legal reasons for Splash Damage to withhold the server files, it’s not like they are published by Nexon anymore, Splash Damage has full control.

(DarkangelUK) #5

Generally what us regular plebs feel isn’t “much work” is usually a lot more involved than we realise. I would love that they put the effort in to allow DB to remain alive for years to come if I3D decide to pull the plug, but I’m not under any illusion that it’d be a simple task and would probably need to be done in peoples spare time at that.