PLease bring back low level only servers and add some minimum level servers also.

(Shinjorai) #1

I just came back to the game after taking a break for about a year and a half and the games still fun to a certain extent but every game is so one sided it feels like. Literally the only way to really get a good game now is bring some friends and try to get on the same team. Its just very frustrating when you have 4 level 150s on one side then you get stuck with a bunch of level 3s and 4s. Im not mad at the new players at all everybody has to be new some time and learn the game.Im glad to see people are trying the game out. I hope they stick around. As it is though honestly if i was brand new and trying this game i dont think id enjoy it.

But anybody who’s played a while knows it has a learning curve and i just think for new players and old alike it would benefit having servers that have level restrictions so you could play with people if not your own skill level at least your level of experience. Right now just about every single match is either a roll or youre the one rolling people. Ones frustrating and infuriating and the other is boring. I really wish you could get more even matches.

Then you have the shuffle system which people abuse. The minute they start losing, they call a vote. I think in some ways learning to take a loss would be good for this community because people take winning and losing so hard its like its life or death. It gets pretty silly at times how toxic the community can be. Im a friendly guy but the way people act i find myself kinda being an asshole at times too because i get so frustrated with people being rude and obnoxious etc. Its a shame whats happening to online gaming communities (not just this one) in general. Hard to find friendly people sometimes.

I played ETQW for a bunch of years one of my favorite FPS of all time, and it wasnt such a huge problem to have new players in that game because the teams were bigger. But the teams in this are only 7, so if you have 2 or 3 people that have no clue whats going on that’s a pretty huge hit to the team make up. There’s no way people can carry that many people and honestly you shouldn’t have to.

I just feel like there should be something done to help newer players be able to learn the game at their own pace and veteran players be able to play with people in their own experience bracket. Im not saying get rid of the current servers with no minimum level. Thats fine but there should be some servers with min level requirements as well. I think it would help retain the new player base and make the vets that have been here a while a lot happier. Just some thoughts.

(alphabeta) #2

Totally agree with this concept. Currently there is a huge disparity in levels. I have friends who are Levels 250-300 and have been playing since alpha; literally thousands of hours in game. Then there are the noobies who at times cannot find the 2nd objective, or I spec them and find them guarding some useless piece of map with no concept of how they are hurting their team. (One Level 2 sniper yesterday sat behind the spawn on Church while we were at third objective. He thought no one was around because they feared his awesome sniping power. K/D 3/28)