Player name within brackets breaks player menu and voting

(Teflon Love) #1

Type of Bug: player names

Description: Player names within < and > breaks player menu and voting

Video / Screenshot:

Example player name: see bottom scorer on blue team on this screenshot.

Steps to reproduce:

Start votekick against such a player. Then try to report him for bad username.


  • When you start a votekick against such a player the message just reads “KICK ?” without including the name.
  • Even with only 4 players the game requires 6 votes to kick him.
  • When you try to open the player menu over his name, it won’t open though it did open with other players

Expected result:

  • Player should be kickable with 3 (or 2?) votes
  • Player menu should open

Reproduction rate:

Only met one such player, but with him even repeated attempts didn’t bring up the menu.