Player leaving a ranked match in pre-game screen.

(RosvoRoope) #1

Someone was trolling for a long time, quitting the pre-rank game screen like 1-3 seconds before it locked down and started to search for a server. Then it dc’d us all, and I could not leave my group anymore (the leave button was greyed out, we were in a duo with a friend) and when I pressed alt+f4 it warned me that there is a game going on (when there wasn’t) and that I will “suffer the consequences” so to speak. This same person or similar did the same thing many times, causing the search and starting a game last for like 30 minutes until it finally went on. I wish you’d add either pre-game vote kick or a greater sanction/block from joining ranked games if you leave a game early on many times, lets say if you do it 3 times that you quit early, you’d be blocked from ranked lets say 30 minutes?

(RaspberryChewy) #2

Yeah, I ended up in a 2v5… Very fun lol we got steamed