Play Online is messed up

(ryven) #22

It’s not as gold standard as it might seem, there are barely 2 active pub servers online, competitions/pugs are hardly played, but at least the existing servers provide as close as possible vanilla gameplay, with as less as possible extra addons and other crap, nonetheless i wish playerbase would move to legacy for such instead, but people are just getting older and older, and want less changes whatsoever.

(KeMoN) #23

I think there are two main things that keep players from changing to legacy mod. One is that old habits are hard to get rid of and the other one is, that ETPro has quite a lot of 3rd party tools, from which I don’t know whether they are compatible with legacy mod. I guess it would require one major competition on legacy mod to show players that it is in fact a viable choice.

(An ET Player) #24

The original in-game serverlist is completely broken due to redirects and also some servers falsely showing high player numbers, but with few or no players actually there (the guilty parties know who they are)

I still use the 2.60b installation, and play at around half a dozen different servers, by simply opening the console and typing /connect [IP].
Some servers allow you to connect by typing their name e.g. /connect et.nameofserver.whatever, which is easier to remember.

You may find the IP address by using trackbase or splatterladder, which also display the true player/bot numbers.
It’s a slight hassle, but it solves the issue, and I’m used to it by now.