Performance Optimisation in Brink

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The following are steps that may help you to improve your experience in BRINK. Each step should be tested in isolation from other steps for a few minutes of gameplay to get an accurate picture of the differences.

Network Optimisation

[li]Try pausing any downloads that are running in the background[/li][li]Try closing/pausing any other network-dependant applications that are running in the background (e.g. Skype/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo/Mumble/Steam Voice Chat, Spotify/Grooveshark, Youtube)[/li][/ul]
CPU Optimisation

[li]Try closing any programs that are running in the background[/li][li]Try lowering texture quality in the BRINK Video menus[/li][/ul]
Graphics Optimisation

[li]Update to the latest graphics drivers[/li][li]Disable Catalyst A.I. in AMD Catalyst Control Center[/li][li]Ensure multi-sampling is disabled in your graphics driver[/li][li]Ensure anisotropic texturing is disabled in your graphics driver[/li][li]Try forcing triple-buffering in your graphics driver (this will also increase video latency)[/li][li]Rename autoexec.cfg in …\userdata#user#\22350\local\base to autoexec.cfg.backup[/li][li]Disable any third-party software other than Steam that draws an overlay on-screen (e.g. Mumble)[/li][li]Disable any third-party software that interfaces with your graphics card (e.g. RadeonPro)[/li][li]Try disabling any third-party plugins that alter variables in the game (e.g. Brink Configurator, BRINKKIT)[/li][li]Ensure ui_fov is set to 70 (higher field of views will render more game objects at once)[/li][li]Turn settings to Lowest in the BRINK Video menus, then turn them back up one by one until you find a happy medium[/li][li]Lower your resolution in the BRINK Video menus until you find a happy medium between performance and fidelity[/li][li]Reset your graphics card to its default settings[/li][/ul]