pEppEr's Dirtybomb Wallpapers AND other Fan arts

(Salt_N_Pepper) #1

I made my own Wallpaper

It took me 2 hours to draw this body

and It took 1 more hour to finish head

its Sparks wallpaper as I main sparks

steam community artwork location :

(Szakalot) #2

its good, make more mercs!

(TitaniumRapture) #3

amazing stuff

(Your worst knifemare.) #4

So real looking

(Salt_N_Pepper) #5

Now I have plan to make thunder version. If I make it, I’ll post it here

(Eox) #6

Moving to fan creations.

Maybe you should have taken the first version of your wallpaper (the one without Spark’s face) to try to make a stylish, flat colored, very simplified Sparks wallpaper. It could have looked good. Besides that, the final version of your wallpaper is not bad at all.

(Salt_N_Pepper) #7

Since there are lots of people who likes faceless version,
I improved the faceless version.

Improved version without face

(Salt_N_Pepper) #8

The Thunder faceless version of wallpaper is done.
I’m now working on the face

(Salt_N_Pepper) #9

Face is done. Next merc will be Proxy as my friend requested.

(Salt_N_Pepper) #10

Sparks with Pepper for my profile pic XD

(Salt_N_Pepper) #11

dat eye?

Here you are


(Salt_N_Pepper) #12

Proxy is immune to concussion grenades…

(Szakalot) #13

this is really cool stuff, keep it coming

(AlbinMatt) #14

What program do you use? These look absolutely amazing!

(Salt_N_Pepper) #15

I Just use Photoshop CS6 to draw these.

(Salt_N_Pepper) #16

I’m making Proxy Wallpaper now, I’ll upload here as I finish it

(Doggerinoz) #17

Great work dude, looks amazing!

(Salt_N_Pepper) #18

Proxy faceless version is done!

Now I have to work on face

(RIV3RA) #19

This is some cool stuff man!

(Salt_N_Pepper) #20

Sparks is now on Pineapple diet