[PC][NA][17+]ToxicByNature is Recruiting!

(Badripper) #1

Recruitment: Open


We are known as ToxicByNature(TBN). We are a fairly new clan recruiting for Dirty Bomb on PC. Just for now we mostly play The Division and Dirty Bomb.

ToxicByNature -

• We are mostly involved in Ranked.
• We mainly use Discord.
• We encourage good sportsmanship as well as competitiveness.
• We are normally active during Late Morning EST until late morning.
• We are willing to take as many members want to join, Don’t be afraid to join.

Requirements -

• You must be 17+ to join TBN but you can still join the Discord.
• You must have a working microphone.
• You must speak English.
• Must be active and check in every other day.
• Be mature, act your age.
• You must be active in Ranked.
• Must be active during EST time.
• You must have at least 100+hrs.
• You must be active and able to check in every other day.

How to Join -

• Message the recruiter on Discord - Admiral#8897

(Renegadeops8) #2

Hey there, main medic and willing to play any role. Discord ID is Pengzeus - (Austin)#5043

(inoscopeurmum) #3

Hey, I’m interested in joining added Admiral#8897 and got no reply so I thought I would write a comment. My Discord ID is inoscopeurmum#8846. I mainly play fire support mercs but I am able to play medics.