[PC][EU] Clan Recruiting

(matsy) #1

The aim is to get to the top of the clan leader board…

Need four more players, anyone is welcome :smiley:

Just noticed there is a 33 day 3v3 holiday ladder, so only need two other team members.


(bjathr) #2

Sounds interesting, I’ve been looking for a EU clan. Due to work I cant plan much ahead when it comes to play time, but will probably be on a bit every night. Feel free to add me on steam :slight_smile:

Just noticed that we’re both medics - been planning to get a second character. This might be a good time :wink:

(matsy) #3

Cool, what is your steam id?

(Breo) #4

Can I play as merc if you don’t have enough players? Don’t have time for clan :o