Part 2 of the Scrubs trailer story, written out by moi.

(Despaniard) #1

“Follow me,” said Phantom as he walked to the escalator into the dark tunnel entrance. “Rodger that,” answered Fletcher, swaggering behind the tall American, followed by Sparks, who after Phantoms speech, was ready to embrace the life of a mercenary. Kira followed closely behind Sparks, her smg close to her, more a comforter than a gun. Closing the line was Rhino, minigun at the ready and a look of absolute determination on his face.
Comm line crackled and Phantom stablished communication with Jackal HQ. “Funds have been secured,” said a crackly male voice. “Extract the prototype intact from the arriving CDA train.”
The hefty sum of 50,000 English pounds sat tauntingly next to the mission specifications in Phantoms phone. Putting it away deep within his armored pockets, he scanned the approaching view and saw the 5 mercenary CDA team readying defensive positions. Some vague information was available on who they were but Phantom recognized them from CDA files hacked by a Jackal operative who he was friends with.
Turtle, an expert in defensive and transplant technology, who it was rumored had blasted his own arm off after testing a bomb-proof wall of his design. He also saw Phoenix, a Spaniard who was absolutely bonkers when it game to medicine. What worried Phantom was the german blonde standing near Turtle. Nader, explosives expert and former lawyer, not someone he would want to face alone.
He noticed a hint of tobacco in the air, so he could safely assume Bushwacker was also working for CDA. That made 4, where was the fifth?
That answer could wait, since they had been spotted and bullets were flying through the air.
Rhino charged, followed by Sparks and Fletcher. The smell of gunpowder became noticeable merely 5 seconds after Rhino’s continuous use of his minigun. Quickly, the enemy team ran back to cover, which left Phantom and Kira to face Bushwacker and Phoenix. Since Nader and Turtle had ran back, Bushwacker deployed his turret, so it would offer suppressive fire for both Phoenix and him.
Phantom and Kira dived to cover near the elevator, away from Bushwackers dangerously precise turret. Thinking the fight was won, Bushwacker was ready to finish the two mercenaries off when the loud whirring of a minigun was heard nearby.
The turret dealt with, Rhino yelled at Fletcher from across the station. “Destroy the primary objective!” After which he ran to check on Kira, making sure she was alive.
Quickly, Fletcher ran to the traintracks. Sure enough, the light of the train shone bright and an train horn could be heard in the distance. Unhooking the C4 charge, he started activating the heavy yet small explosive. Unbeknownst to anyone, Phoenix had stayed back near the attacking mercenaries just in case something like happened. Slowly, he attempted to reach the Nigerian, so as to subdue him and take him to CDA headquarters, to interrogate him.
But Fletcher had been listening this whole time, his ears having picked up the rubber soles against the concrete floor. Not even looking, he drew his shotgun and fired a round into Phoenix, knocking him down to the ground. What Fletcher didn’t know was that Phoenix wasn’t called that just for show. Electricity shimmered around Phoenix, the nanobots in his suit fixing the damage done by the shotgun round. Floating back up, Phoenix turned around as the crackle of Sparks’ REVIVR gun grew more intense. Firing a single shot at Phoenix, Sparks knocked him against the trackside wall, where he was rammed head on by the arriving CDA train.
Looking up, Fletcher saw Phoenix fly over him and then vanish thanks to the before mentioned train. It was clearly a sight to see, since all he could do was look at where Phoenix could possibly be, getting further away by the second. Turning to Sparks, he pulled down his sunglasses a bit, giving her a look that was clearly translatable as ‘Show off.’ Sparks lowered her gun and smiled a bit, but then beeping of the C4 drew them both to the present. Whirling around, Sparks ran off to where she could be needed next as Fletcher summersaulted away from the C4 charge.
It exploded, causing the train to shudder to a stop.
Kira and Rhino had gotten carried away, and chased the 4 mercenaries deep into “enemy” territory. It was at this moment, that the CDA mercenaries put into motion their counter-attack. Turtle activated his portable shield, which soaked up Rhino’s bullets like they were nothing. It was also at that moment, that Rhino’s minigun overheated, causing the built-in sensors to shut down the weapon in order to cool it down and not have it turn into a puddle of superheated metal.
Noticing the sudden silence, Nader popped up both her head and grenade launcher. “Granaten!” she yelled as she fired one round, which landed under Rhino. Looking down, Rhino was catapulted back, losing his grip on his gun and passing out because of the blast wave. Noticing her source of cover fire was gone, Kira fired short bursts against the entrenched mercenaries, but then dropped her gun in order to run to safety.
Fletcher had reached Kira, and had after witnessing the firepower of Naders grenades, both of them took off like rabbits. “Move your ass!” Kira yelled as encouragement while explosions sprang up around them. Finally, they reached the relative safety of the main lobby where they had derailed the train. Fletcher ran a little faster, then dropped to the ground like a puppet that had had his strings cut off. A short, sharp bullet report echoed through the station and Kira looked at her dead teammate, bleeding from a bullet hole in his head. Looking up, she saw a glint far away in the balcony. A sniper.
Being a sniper wasn’t all bad. It had its perks, like knowing where the entire enemy team was at the same time and being able to drop them all like unsuspecting flies. “See you later,” he softly said, chambering another round into the rifle. Suddenly, he felt a tremendous pain through his chest, and it increased as he was lifted off the ground by a sword that had pass through him to the point where the tip of the sword was a foot through him, outside. It hurt, and already he began to fade to black, when he heard a voice whisper to his ear. “Trick or treat!” The pain faded because the sword had been taken out of him, but the damage was done.
Kira, having seen it all, turned to the CDA train to grab the objective. The massive doors easily swung open, and an ominous looking case was held within a laser field. Hesitant, Kira suddenly reached into the space and grabbed the prototype container. Hopping off the train car, she began to sprint, but was taken down by a bullet to the arm. Hurt, and scared, she turned to the origin of the shot. Nader and Turtle had returned from being entrenched, which didn’t bode well for Rhino. Suddenly, Kira was given a choice. Turning from the approaching mercenaries, she swung for the case, where within was a strange looking gun. Hoping against hope, she aimed and fired.
Nothing happened for a second, but then about ten laser lines from the sky into the floor where Nader and Turtle were standing sprang into existence. Suddenly, a blinding flash of laser light heated the large space by ten degrees, and filled the air with the smell of very, very burnt meat.
Kira’s heartbeat drummed in her ears, spots dancing before her eyes. Her face felt hot and the air was thick with human burn residue. Taking a deep breath, she felt someone pick her up and sling her arm over their shoulder. Slowly, almost gently, her right hand was opened and the prototype taken away from her.
She heard muted noises, and then her ears clearly picked up Sparks saying her name.
“Kira. KIRA. Good, she is avake.” A flashlight shone on her eyes and a stethoscope pressed on her back. “Breathing is normal. No signs of a concussion.”
“Let’s get her on her own two feet.” The shoulder she was leaning on withdrew and she stood still, finding her balance. Looking around, she saw Sparks handing the prototype to Phantom, who had picked up the security case. Gently placing it inside the container, Phantom closed the lid and locked it. All three mercenaries turned to the escalators. Kira was a little shell shocked, but felt fine. Sparks had taken out the bullet from her arm and clothed her with her aviators jacket.
As they went up through the escalators, Kira thought of the day’s events, Sparks shifted around in her spot, antsy for the cash. Only Phantom, with his full-faced mask, gave no evidence of what went through his mind. A beep from his phone told Phantom that he was about to be £50,000 richer. A smiley face on his screen also told him that the funds had been received correctly.
Reaching the outside world, Phantom turned to Kira, who was silent. “In this world, if you want to clean up… You’ve got to play dirty.” He said, promptly smashing his boot into the barely awake face of the soldier that had been knocked unconscious at the beginning of the mission.

(CyberVonCyberus) #2

very well written sir/lady/evil alien overlord