parallax mapping possible?

(Wezelkrozum) #1

Is it possible to use the technic “parallax mapping” in a map for wolfenstein: enemy territory?
I can’t find a tutorial for parallax mapping in w:et so I don’t think that’s possible.

(carnage) #2

AFAIK im pretty sure you cannot do this. the closest you could get is probably a high res light map using a bump map but that will still be nothing like what you want

(Wezelkrozum) #3

ok, thanx for the response

(pazur) #4

Uff… I even had to look up what that is:

No, you can’t do this with q3map2. As already mentioned you can use normalmaps.

(aaa3) #5

i think no q3e bsp compiler could be coded to allow this as it is more of a lack of feature in the q3 engine itself. at that time very few such advanced bumpmapping (its an umbrella term) techiques were available. my favourite is also parallax (which also have ever new subvariants) fiom the various bump mapping methods , still i think q3e with q3map2 is an excellent stuff which im loving…

p.s. yea as carnage said u can add a fake bump map, detoeni’s page has a good and short tutorial for this also with example shader; but as he said its not near parallax not even real bump; its static and compiled into lightmap. can look good though, i werent been too much interested in applying it only coz i thought i can make similar with custom textures too. for certain situations this can work, but for certain others that fake bump map would make your life much easier.

(Wezelkrozum) #6

I can make fake bump map. I tried yesterday:D

Are there more tricks I can use in my maps? All tricks are welcome.

(pazur) #7

Tricks? :slight_smile: Radiosity ( was one of the milestones in the history of q3map2 development. It’s quite easy and straigt forward. You simply specify -bounce 8 or something at the light stage and there you go. Of course you can have shaders that are reflecting more light (like glass, metal or water).

You can use areaportals to tweak performance or build your terrain not in Easygen but a real 3D modelling program. You can also dive into the (Level of Distance) LOD technology for misc_gamemodels that makes it possible to have really complex maps with good rendering performance. Hope that helps … :slight_smile:

(Onkelb0b) #8

very old thread, but here :smiley:

a kind of parallax mapping, dosnt work with lightmap yet, and will propably never :smiley:

thats not et legacy

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Don’t feel bad; I sometimes bump old topics when I have something new to advertise to the community. :grinning:

That looks nice, despite running on the old renderer instead of the ET: Legacy renderer.