(crazyfoolish) #1

I think that it would be great if (by default) overtime includes hacking objectives and escort objectives. i.e. You must kill the operative still hacking after time runs out and kill the NPC if he is alive when time runs out. I think that this would add some last minute excitement to games and also go a little way to add some much needed balance to the maps. At the moment they generally favour defenders.


(Rubbaduren) #2

Isn’t that default? Or maybe it’s just in the competetive gamemode? I’ve had alot of matches going into overtime. Was a little surprised yesterday, got overtime when escorting the bot in Container City. Had overtime hacks too

(Exedore) #3

I like this idea.

(Lozmuir) #4

Could of sworn that happens already…

(kamikazee) #5

Search tells me that there is already a thread about it. See the Please remove “over-time” bug from the game thread for Exedore’s full answer.

(crazyfoolish) #6

:eek: sumimasen! Sorry i dodn’t realise there was already a thread.

I still think it’s a good idea though sulks

(FireWorks) #7

Yeah, more people think like you, especially SD which already implemented it by default … :wink: