Out of curiosity

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #1

What future mercs were planned? Were any somewhat close to being finished?

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I took these from the Dirty Bomb channel on the SD Discord server.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #3

I would like a Hurtsall Proxy…aa shotgun Phoenix and a Hurtall+katana Kira loadout sounds fun

(Nail) #4

wouldn’t call them new mercs, just new loadouts

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #5

More mercs were planned, that’s why the all merc pack was refunded when development stopped.

(Press E) #6

Oh god even more shotguns for aura, I’m kinda glad this never went through. It’s already bad enough having a 2/3 chance to get one when crafting a loadout, 3/4 would kill me lol.
Wish they’d give her some other low power rifle. The hochfir or even hurtsall could probably work on her, anything as long as you’re not giving even more shotguns to new players.

Arty with the SHAR-C might be a bit much too. Pretty much the only thing that’s stopping him from being godly is his lack of automatic weapons, and the SHAR-C is a pretty powerful one at that. Skyhammer should be getting the SHAR-C and Arty the Hurtsall at the very least imo, since skybro needs a powerful weapon much more. If anything I’ve been hoping they’d give arty a new weapon for a while, maybe a 4-shot burst weapon? something between the BR and Stark and a normal gun just so he’s not so alien to get into.

A shotgun Phoenix definitely feels out of place but an autoshotgun could actually work as long as the damage was low enough. It’s mostly the one/two-shot, no chance to fight back besides your enemy missing nature of shotguns that I don’t think fit with DB. Phoenix isn’t a starter merc either so it’s not like you’re giving one-hit kill weapons to level 1 players like with aura.

(Your worst knifemare.) #7

Guardy Stark and Kira Hurtzall please.

Can we also get a moment of silence for Sparps who will only ever have mp’s

(Press E) #8

What would sparks with an SMG or whatever even be like though? :thinking:

I mean, for one all the really good sparks mains just use the revivr for close and long range and can still easily get kills with it, so I’m not even sure if a non-MP primary would get used.
It would be like taking Red Eye with his Dreiss, a weapon good at both close and long ranges, giving him an SMG as a secondary, then giving him infinite ammo for the Dreiss, which removes like 90% of the reason to even switch weapons. All it really does is open up new playstyles with him, but Red Eye is better suited to a sniper role anyways. So if you wanna use an automatic weapon, you might as well just choose another merc.

I suppose it would help get lower skilled players to play her more. A lot of them use their MP more than the revivr anyways, so having an SMG would make her more approachable to them.
But for high level play, I really don’t think it would change much of anything, can’t use two weapons at once after all. The revivr is still powerful af as long as you can actually use it, and if you can’t and would prefer an automatic weapon, you might as well just switch to someone else who’s better suited to that.

(Outblast) #9

I thought the Hurtsall for Bushy would be a given but I guess it never was.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #10

Nah he’s too slow it belongs on a fast moving merc

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(jemstar) #12

I have hochfir poxy!

(K1X455) #13

From the scrubs video:

  • SMG-9 Kira
  • Remburg Turtle
  • Timik Phoenix

(Press E) #14

That might just be from a time when merc weapons just weren’t finalized, not necessarily something they planned to eventually include.

Plus if SD contracted out the scrubs trailer to some other company, they might not have clarified who gets which weapon if they were unimportant. Phoenix never fires his timik, kira just sprays her smg-9 around a bit and drops it, and turtle just shoots kira once, but you can barely even tell which weapon he’s holding, so clearly those guns weren’t the focus of those mercs, unlike rhino, sparks and even fletcher who all show off their weapons as more important

EDIT: Sparks’ revivr is also different, just noticed that. It has blue looking ironsights on top and a shorter bar on the front of it, weird