Out of Body experience

(rapid_shot) #1

So I got killed and revived, but when I came back, it was like I was on a speed hack or something. I could run really really fast, but then I got killed around the area I got revived even though the screenshot shows me near defender spawn. So my body stayed in the same place but I guess my client was zipping around the map.

[1817.48] Log: Log file open, 10/07/13 15:03:11
[1817.48] Log: Dumping BugIt data chart at 2013.10.07-15.03.11 using build 8710 built from changelist 24597
[1817.48] Log: MapName: OBJ_LondonBridge
[1817.48] Log: Description: 
[1817.48] Log: BugItGo 3800.6807 4305.1943 -172.2287 -1231 -32085 0
[1817.48] Log: ?BugLoc=3800.68,4305.19,-172.23?BugRot=-1231,-32085,0
[1817.48] Log:  ---=== GameSpecificData ===--- 
[1817.48] Log: Log file closed, 10/07/13 15:03:11

(Rex) #2

Speed ghost?

(rapid_shot) #3

Apparently. I don’t think anyone saw me either (other than the place I originally died). Sped around people, no one said anything.