Other Language Forums

(badman) #1

Just a quick poll to see how much (if any) interest there is in having other language forums around here. The German forums on the ETQW community were pretty active and we want to make sure that if enough interest is there, we provide you guys and gals with international outlets for your pearls of wisdom.

Anyway, please tick the language(s) you’d like to see represented and we’ll maneuver our eyeballs up and down the results later on.


(DarkangelUK) #2

I would really like to see a Scottish language section.

Theres bin pure hunners ae times av wanted tae yap in ma aen tongue but ken ye bawbags widnae unnerston a singul wurd.

(Pegazus) #3

Russian would be great. Thank you.

(shagileo) #4

Dutch maybe ?

If not, then my vote goes to Scottish as well - always interested to learn new out-of-this-world languages :tongue:

(Apples) #5


I’m not up for differetn languages, it’ll split us a bit more.


(light_sh4v0r) #6

I wouldn’t really see a good use for a Dutch subforum or any other language for that matter, unless it’s for people who struggle with English. These people are unlikely to find this topic anyway.

(Dthy) #7

Chav! Nah english is fine imo, seems like everyone on the forums knows it and understands it. And like apples said, it would just split the forums up.

(Mustang) #8

Scottish, Scouse, Cockney and Yoda

(yuval152) #9

Hebrew,although it’ll never happen. :rolleyes:

(shagileo) #10

Google translate brought me here :rolleyes:

Nonono,but true - I don’t see the need for language specific forums either