[Other] Creating loadout cards by using existing parts

(Dermott) #1

I think it’s a good moment to show you my thoughts and ideas about something. Current event unleashed our displeased attitude toward rng, pricing and the loadout cards as a whole. I totally understand this because I’m not a fan of it either. But from the other hand, I totally understand the existence of fixed loadout cards. Good perks/weapons happen to be paired with worse weapons/perks to limit the effectiveness. It’s easier to balance, although we have cards that are considered as best for certain mercs. Cards are deeply rooted in game, they are tied to cases, events and sales. This is not a subject that can be reworked in one day. That’s for sure.

My idea is introducing an optional system where the player would be able to create own card from existing parts. This will be a compromise between freely customization and fixed loadouts.

Loadout card consist of:

  • Merc skin

  • Merc portrait/pose

  • Set of augments (3)

  • Set of weapons (3)

  • Skin for weapons (each separately), primary’s skin will be also applied to merc’s special equipment if possible, e.g. minigun, grenade/rocket launcher.

How to obtain these parts?

  • Opening certain cases

  • Crafting

  • Sales/shop

  • Reclaiming. Upon destroying (not recycling) player can choose which part of card he want to keep.

  • Trading (one can can only hope, right?)

What else I can say? It would be a nice credit/money/time sink to assemble card of your dreams (more or less). During “events”, along with special cards, devs could release “parts bundle” that allows to recreate said card without buying and scraping same cards multiple times.

What do you think, it is good or bad?