Opening someone's steam profile from the lobby

(Press E) #1

So, I get why SD probably disabled this. They don’t want someone checking a person’s hours in game before the match starts or whatever. But well, when someone wants to add you, they usually do it after a match when they’re not super busy in game.
I’ve actually lost a few people I had wanted to add, either because they left or I crashed trying to start the match and forgot to add them in game, so can this please be undone?

Like, you can still view someone’s hours in a match. People aren’t gonna get salty before a match starts, they’re gonna get salty when they’re getting their ass kicked. Levels are already gone, I just think this is a bit of an overreaction that removed a feature that was actually very useful to me, especially since like a 3rd of my steam friendslist is from DB.

(B_Montiel) #2

Levels are not totally gone, you can still see the level of the enemy who killed you in the tracer kill cam.

Either way, that’s indeed stupid to remove steam steam interface in menus. If you don’t want to get bothered, get your steam profile private so people can only add you before having in depth info about playtime etc.

(Press E) #3

Best part is steam set your recent game activity and game list to private by default recently, so you can’t even see most people’s playtime anymore lol.

Also being able to see the level of whoever killed you is a confirmed bug. Though I’m not exactly sure how it made it through playtesting lol

(LifeupOmega) #4

I just use Recently Played With on the steam overlay, always manages to find people with no issue.

(ASD) #5

also ingame sometimes you cant view steamprofile of some players. I think it is related to playernames with unpritable characters.