OP spot on Dockyard

(-PeaceDeath-) #1

Right after the bridge near the Gold & Soll… Pottery if the EV breaks even 3inches away from the wall on the left near open window you just need to have 1 turret in the window, 1 in the G&S pottery, have 1 medick and 1 support to hold it forever. Other member(s) can go whatever character. Also preview don’t work. So screenshot here https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/845969357426289774/677AC6AC520C8695153060E7520E06E12BC6DFED/ Know any other OP spots?

(SM83 Power Operative ) #2

Tough spot for sure, but not impenetrable with a team that communicates.

A. Well-placed Fragger 'nade, Nader barrage, Thunder concussion, Stoker molly, or Javelin rocket around the corner or the window.

B. Great vantage point that’s almost a head glitch around the hill and crates that can be defended well with someone like Arty while watching the window near that wall at A and the spawn.

C. If they’ve closed the left gate, have some push to this right flank. Easy to push enemies from here and spot B.

D. Push further and control the mg and ammo room. An engineer should also make it a priority to wall jump across and get a bomb planted to open up the left side gate. The plant alone should flush a lot of people back away from the windows and corners.

That’s how I’d approach it. Hope some of this helps.