[OLDOG] Looking for Dirty Old Dogs

(Wolven) #1

Are you an old dog, who plays dirty? Want to team up with other veterans?

[OLDOG] is an open tag for players who are 30+ years old and who consider them selves veteran gamers. If that’s you, feel free to tag yourself and join us in our quest for world domination over young bloods.

OLDOG Discord: https://discord.gg/X5bMTwn

Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dirtyoldog


(Wolven) #2

With the influx of new players I’m bumping this thread. Hoping to recrute some more oldies.

As stated above, [OLDOG] is a tag, (or clan if you will) for adult players that’s 30(ish) years or older, from all regions of the world. There’s no requirement to skill or level. Nor are you required to commit to anything. Real life comes first, games are for fun and lesure. The only thing we do require is that you act like the adult you’re supposed to be, and that you abide rules of the game. (Don’t cheat and don’t be a d*ck)

Some of us do play ranked games, but we do not “try hard”. We like winning, but being ‘elite’ in a game is not a measurement of self worth for us.

If this sounds like something for you, tag yourself in-game, join our Discord and give me, (Wolven) a shout, so I can set you up with the right role and permissions.

(kopyright) #3

Don’t mistake their tag for a sign of weakness - I met two OLDOGs yesterday and they still had quite a bite. :smiley:


Only if I was a bit older :wink:

(HardTry) #5

Is nice to see the idea growing and nice to see more and more dogs coming :slight_smile:

(Epod Ekoms) #6

Epod here (twin brother to Deep) interested in joining you all … Ill change my tag in game but would love to be given permission to join your discord channels x (EpodEkoms name in discord)

(Wolven) #7

We’d be happy to have you on board. Join us here https://discord.gg/8rXcfTR and give me shout, so I can add you to the right group.