OLDOG Community servers are up, and there is something for everyone

(Kradser) #1

The OLDOGs have three servers for you all to use, we have made servers that should be able to meet the needs for all you out there.

  • [OLDOG] - The Dog Pound - (FF on, min level 100, Max Ping 120, Min IQ 110)
  • [OLDOG] - The Dog Yard - (Min level 25, Max level 100, FF Off, Training Ground For Puppies)
  • [OLDOG] - The OLDOGs Home - (Members & Friends) Password needed to enter this server
  • [OLDOG] - The Dog Pit - (FF On, Min Level 200, Max Ping 90, No Lobby Shuffle.)

Feel free to join our servers, and have some fun and play dirty, the servers are based in Amsterdam and Frankfurt, so it should be good for most EU players. Remember puppies bark a lot, but the older dog bites.

(AlbinMatt) #2

I’ll certainly check in the dog yard once in a while. My puppy paws needs training.

(Wolven) #3

That’s great. Bring some friends. And if you, or anyone else has suggestions on tweaks to the servers, just let us know.

(Wolven) #4

I’ve set up yet another server, this one is in the 5v5 format.

[OLDOG] - The Dog Pit - (FF On, Min Level 200, Max Ping 90, No Lobby Shuffle.)

This one meant for competition like matches, with fixed teams, which is why I’ve disabled Force Team Balance and Lobby Team Shuffle.

So if you think you’re a big dog and want to play like it’s ranked/comp this is the server for you. I’m open for suggestions to tweaks, so give me some feedback.

Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?

(Ptiloui) #5

Max ping 90 ? I get that high ping can be a problem, especially when you aim for a more competitive set up but on my side, it’s not that rare that I get around 100 ping on Frankfurt and Amsterdam servers despite living in France.

(Wolven) #6

Hi. Thanks for your feedback.

Hop on a give it a try. There’s a 2 min grace period for the ping limit. Earlier today we tested The Dog Pound with 120 max ping with a player connecting from New York. His ping was 88-92. (Server location is Amsterdam)

If the setting turns out to be too restrictive I can change it. The goal is the provide the best possible experience for all.

EDIT: I’ve increased the ping limit to 120. Seems like a good value.

(bgyoshi) #7

Max ping restrictions means no NA players unless they’re East Coast

Oh well!

(HadronZodiac) #8

Its sad how just because steam lost all of my game data (including my DB levels) thats im now considered a noob by the level system

A happy day to be alive XD

(Wolven) #9

Yes, most of the East Coast should be good. But why would you play in EU from the West Coast anyway, with the high ping? I play on the East Coast sometimes, New York and Washington where I ping about 120. And that’s max of what I personally can tolerate.

We’d love to include everybody, but dealing with high pingers is very frustrating, so that’s why we’ve set the limit.

Servers are dirt cheap though, less than $14 for 12 slots for one month, so it should not be out of reach to set up some similar NA servers. I’ve payed for 3 servers out of my own pocket and believe me, I’m not at all rich. The OLDOG clan is chipping inn of course, but I’ve saved our funds to see what server configurations are worth keeping after a month of testing.

As a side note: We in OLDOG would love to have a stronger presence in NA. We have a few located on the East Coast, but not enough to matter. So if there are any players who are 30+ in NA that like to join our ranks, hit me up on our Discord. If we get the number up in NA we could set up, or relocated a server there.

(Wolven) #10

That blows, man. There’s got to be a way for Valve to recover your data. Have you been in touch with their support?

(HadronZodiac) #11

It happend a while ago. I bought besiege, and out of nowhere everything EVERYTHING was reset. I contacted support multiple times, many didnt answer. Then one did, he said “we dont give back items” and “report the hacker”. Which makes 0 sense since it was valves fault. In the end i got no data back, no justice, nothing. I stopped playing DB for months (I have a frustration with repeating, or in this case, restarting knowing what the game had to offer). I started playing again in august. Here i am today ;/

(Wolven) #12

That’s really poor customer service. Sorry to hear that.

(HardTry) #13

Considering the fact, that Dirty Bomb is still very alive, and still one of the best arena shooters nowadays and! that we have more and more OLDOGs joining, feel free to catch us on Discord:

And for sure join us on our servers for our more/less regular games on Friday/Saturday/Sunday :sunny: