old man trying to game a bit

(kilL_888) #1

many years ago i enjoyed fast paced shooters immensely. i still do from time to time. but in the evening i’d like to just chill out a bit, relax if you will. dirty bomb is a very fast paced, intense experience. while i do enjoy the game for what it is, it’s very exhausting.

so i was wondering is there or are there plans to maybe add a merc that’s maybe a bit more on the slow side? someone that can soak some shots but is not as strong. maybe a tanky supporter. something like that?

maybe you have some other suggestions for me. i just want to play without being all stressed out. just want to get into a few matches and have a fun time.

(Mustang) #2

Rhino, Fragger and Thunder aren’t tanky enough for you?

(KeMoN) #3

I wouldn’t exactly call them a support character. If I understood him right he wants to play a supporter that doesn’t require him to bunny hop around, to get in shotgun range or to avoid being blasted out of his squishy shoes (aka Aura and Sparks). But I think Sawbonez and Phoenix are reasonably strong when you stay behind the frontline and make sure you have enough heal for yourself.

I absolutely hate Rambo-medics who only heal themselves and play uber-aggressive, but there is nothing wrong with reserving a Sawbonez pack for yourself or use the healing pulse only on yourself if you need it.

You might try a different approach in the game. After all this game promotes very flexible merc use. Try and stay out of firefights, but help set a ‘safe perimeter’ behind a corner where your teammates can fall back to. Nothing wrong with a conservative medic :wink:

(alphabeta) #4

I think Mustang was closer to what I think this gentleman desires in a merc, but I would narrow it to just Rhino. No hyper-movement skills needed. Just position yourself well, and mow down noobs.

(Chronicler) #5

He is right though that there is no reason there shouldn’t be a merc that is tanky yet not an assault. With tanky I obviously mean high hit points/dmg resistance.

All the medics are kind of squishy. But then again, you want a fast medic for obvious reasons.

Maybe introduce Turtle as a medic with an actual shell :wink: