[OFFICIAL] Brag thread


It does NOT have to be the truth just brag how awesome of a pro player you are

I am the BEST pro player of all in known and unknown universe i can play with one hand while watching tv and my monitor turned off

when i join 10+ server everybody leaves and those LVL 50+ bow to me and pleading not to bash them and let them finish the round

i am so awesome that when i play my whole team does nothing they just stand by and learn

(Mr-Penguin) #2

Headshotted a longjumping Aura on pure reflex with the PDP.

It was also first blood too.

(gg2ez) #3

That’s nothing. 7 player kill, 1 Nade.

(Mr-Penguin) #4

What kind of nade?

(KattiValk) #5

Killed a Fletcher by shooting their sticky bomb while they were throwing it.

Wiped an entire team in a 7v7 with laser.

That’s about it really.


What kind of nade?[/quote]


(gg2ez) #7

What kind of nade?[/quote]


(bontsa) #8

I play at a standing desk, doing deep squats during loading up times.

Needless to say after switching from TF2 to Dirty Bomb, mere glance at my fabulous posterior destroy ovaries within the visual range.

(wolvie) #9

@gg2ez DAMN. that must’ve been a mervel to see

(gg2ez) #10

@wolvie Watching the killfeed light up with my name was pretty satisfying. It was in that room with the ammo on the first stage of Trainyard.

(VincentRJaeger) #11

Headshotted a cloaked Phantom.

@Faraleth :wink:

(Faraleth) #12

Revived a Noobsili 20 times in a row.

@Jaeger :wink:

(VincentRJaeger) #13

Quickscoped a Sparks in close range.


(Faraleth) #14


Sniping a Vassili before he barely had the chance to scope in.


(VincentRJaeger) #15

Noscoped a Sparks two times in a row.


(Faraleth) #16



Cricket bat’s Vassili multiple times while he’s too busy not paying attention, lining up his sights. Yah noob!


(VincentRJaeger) #17

Total bullshit.

Shot a Sparks down multiple times when she took out her melee. Only scrubs honour-melee.


(SteelMailbox) #18

@Faraleth @Jaeger
This thread became from a (official) bragging thread to a diss thread.

I love it.

(Faraleth) #19


Killed a Vassili multiple times while he tried to no-scope, because for some reason he forgot he had a machine pistol too.

Clever @Jaeger c:

And yes @steelMailbox xD

(VincentRJaeger) #20

Well, the times I do remember my Machine Pistol, I’ve killed a Sparks plenty of times with a Tölen MP when the Sparks uses the vastly superior Empire 9.

@faraleth Game’s on!